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Quality Standards and Expanded Learning Plan

In accordance with California Education Code (EC) Section 8484, Pleasanton Unified School District (PUSD) engages in a data-driven quality improvement process based on quality standards at its Expanded Learning sites. The Expanded Learning Program uses a number of measurements to determine program quality and to provide information for goal setting and action plans. Program attendance and continued enrollment are two indicators of a high-quality program. With the additional program offering of Panther Club at Pleasanton Middle School, children will have the opportunity to continue in PUSD ELO-P though intermediate grades.

PUSD also engages in a data-driven quality improvement process based on initiatives driven by the 12 Quality Standards for Expanded Learning in California. The data is used to make decisions about enrichment program offerings, to evaluate programming vendors and to determine next steps in improving the quality of programming. Additionally, each site will be assessed utilizing the California Afterschool Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool (QSA). The data generated by the assessment will be used to develop year-long staff development and initiatives to improve program quality.